Born: 28.05.2012
1 kitten - 1 boy
Queen: GIC Jovilga*LT El Queen, ACL f 02 21 - my Priscilla
Sire: CH FI*Magnificat Lenni Curl, ACL as 21 33 - "Lenni", info & photo lower down
Inbreeding coefficient 2,21% (6 generations)
Pedigree of C-litter can be seen on Randy's page

FI*Dezzicat's Conamore CupCurl (ACL ns 02 64 male)

The name is from italian classical musical terms/commands, see meaning lower down :)

Mommy Priscilla and her baby boy :) From left to right: newborn - 1 week old - 4 weeks old


From left to right: 2,5 weeks old - 5 weeks old - 6 weeks old

Photos from left to right: 10,5 weeks old - 13 weeks old

FI*Dezzicat's Conamore CupCurl
blacksmoke harlequin longhaired male, green eyes - ACL ns 02 64
Con amore = play with love, with devotion, tenderly, lovingly
"a cup of curl with love" ;)
Randy's owners: Kaisa & Frank, Turku, FIN :)
He stayed in my ownership until he became father of one litter ;)
For more info about Randy, see his own pageinfo :)


      copyright Dezzicat's
Sire:  "Lenni" - CH FI*Magnificat Lenni Curl
owner: Mervi Ahlqvist, Magnificat cattery
bluesilver tabby pointed longhaired American Curl, ACL as 21 33
Lenni is a sweet and tender boy, with a playful and kind character :)
Thank you Mervi for letting me use this beautiful cutiepie!

(for pics and info about the queen - Priscilla, please see her own pageinfo )


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