(former breedingcats and showcats)

~ SIZU ~
Photo by: © Dezzicat's
SP & CH FI*Dezzicat's Incalzando IdirCurl

longhaired American Curl - black tabby van - ACL n 01 21 64
neuter male - born: 11.08.2015
Title: Supreme Premior & Champion
19 x NOM, 2 x BIS, 7 x BIS breeding-male
Bloodgroup B
Mother: My KitKat - SC FI*Dezzicat's Estinto EzeCurl, ACL ns 02 21 64
Father: My Ziggy - Abrikosik Aurinko, ACL d 03 22
Offspring: my J-litter & my K-litter
and FI*Debals curl-litter born 06.02.2017
Kittens: Debals Michigan, Minnesota, Dakota, Philadelphia & Louisiana, 2 boys, 3 girls
Sizu lives with Sami in Vaasa :)

SECOND BEST BREEDINGMALE IN FINLAND 2017 CAT.II !!! plus 5:th best neuter male
BEST Neuter male and BEST Breedingmale in cat.II 2017 in PIROK catclub!!
Second Best Breedingmale in all categories 2017 in POH-KIS !
BEST Neuter Curl in Finland 2017!! :)
After WW2018 he is now retired from shows :)

Photo by: © Dezzicat's
Abrikosik Aurinko*EE

longhaired American Curl - red tabby bicolour - ACL d 03 22
neutered male - born: 21.11.2013
1 x BIS Breeding Male
Bloodgroup B
Mother: WCH Dinara Luxurycurl, ACS f 22
Father: Paladija Soren, ACL es 02
Offspring: my H-littermy I-litter
and FI*MyOrigo's 1:st curl litter, born 16.09.15
Kittens: MyOrigo's AviaCurl, LoveBiteCurl, NaomiCurl, RufusCurl & AmorCurl, 3 girls, 2 boys

Ziggy lives with Sami in Vaasa :)

BEST BREEDINGMALE 2016 in Pohkis and Pirok catclubs :) 6:th best breeding male in cat.II in Finland 2016 :)

Photo by: Jani Ruoho - Avi Studio, © Dezzicat's
GIC Jovilga*LT El Queen

longhaired American Curl - black tortie tabby harlequin - ACL f 02 21
neutered female - born: 21.07.2010
Title: Grand International Champion
3 x NOM
Bloodgroup B
Mother: TICA QGC Frija Curl von Asgard of Pointocurl, ACL n 03 22
Father: IC & WCF IC Curland Gabriel, ACL d 03 24
Breeder: Joana Simkuvienč, Lithuania
Offspring: B-litter & C-litter
Priscilla lives with Sami in Vaasa :)

~ BIXI ~
Photo by:, © Dezzicat's
SC & PR FI*Dezzicat's Brilante BixCurl

shorthaired American Curl - black smoke bicolour - ACS ns 03 var
neutered male - born: 29.10.2011
Title: Supreme Champion & Premior
5 x NOM
Bloodgroup B

Mother: GIC Jovilga*LT El Queen (my Priscilla)
Father: SC&IP FI*Dezzicat's Allegro AceCurl (my Raider)

Offspring: my G-litter
and FI*Ramandan 1:st litter, born 22.07.2013
Kittens: Ramandan Emmett, Nahuel & Renesmee, 2 boys, 1 girl

Bixi lives with my parents (in Mustasaari, outside of Vaasa)!

2012: BEST AMERICAN CURL KITTEN (total) IN FINLAND!!! :)) out of both long- and shorthaired curl kittens together

Photo by: Lisen Julin, © Dezzicat's
SC & IP FI*Dezzicat's Allegro AceCurl

shorthaired American Curl - black silver spotted bicolour - ACS ns 03 24 var
neutered male - born: 09.09.2010
Title: Supreme Champion & International Premior
4 x NOM
Bloodgroup B

Mother: SC&IP FIN*Siriuksen UmaCurl DM (my Safiira)
Father: CH FIN*Magnificat Gary Curl, ACS e 09 24 var

Offspring: B-litter

Raider lives with my parents (in Mustasaari, outside of Vaasa)!

2012: Third Best Adult Shorthaired American Curl in Finland!
2011: BEST SHORTHAIRED AMERICAN CURL KITTEN IN FINLAND!! :)) Also Second Best Adult shorthair curl!


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