We have kittens, but sorry, all are reserved in both litters!

updated 20.04.2018


Born: 18.02.2018

3 kittens - 1 girl & 2 boys
Queen: my Noomi - SC FI*Dezzicat's Feroce FieCurl, ACS ns 03 24 var
Sire: Ukko - CH FI*Debals Michigan, ACL ns 09 21 33
Inbreeding coefficient 2,27 % (6 generations)

FI*Dezzicat's Lusingando LouisCurl (ACS ns 21 33 var male) - STAYS
FI*Dezzicat's Legato LanceCurl (ACL ns 09 24 male) - RESERVED
FI*Dezzicat's Leggierezza LeiaCurl (ACL as 24 female) - RESERVED

Their names are as always italian classical musical terms/commands, see meanings lower down :)

Kittens 1 month old - 7 weeks old :)

Louiz - Lance - Leia
7 weeks old :)

FI*Dezzicat's Lusingando LouisCurl (ACS ns 21 33 var male), lusingando = play flatteringly, caressingly
FI*Dezzicat's Legato LanceCurl (ACL ns 09 24 male), legato = play smoothly, joined
FI*Dezzicat's Leggierezza LeiaCurl (ACL as 24 female), leggierezza = play with lightness, delicately

Their parents:


Born: 14.04.2018

1 kitten - 1 girl
Queen: my Plusha - CharmingCurl*RU Ada Lavelace, ACL h
Sire: my Jedi - CH FI*Dezzicat's Jitterbug JediCurl, ACS ns 09 24 var
Inbreeding coefficient 3,03 % (6 generations)
For pedigree, see parents' pages

FI*Dezzicat's M... M..Curl (ACS/L f 09 female) - RESERVED FOR SITEHOME

Newborn - 2 days old


Kittens are sometimes available for responsible, loving and caring homes, where they can spend their whole lives in the center of attention!! :) Kittens are sold only as indoor cats!! (They are not allowed to run freely outdoors! can only be outdoors in a leash, in an enclosure or balcony with glass or net!)

        When the kittens leave for their new, loving homes, they are:
            - at least 14-16 weeks old
            - registered in Suomen Kissaliitto, FIFe
            - 2 times vaccinated (at about 10 & 14 weeks)
            - multiple times dewormed
            - checked by a veterinarian
            - micro-chipped
            - equipped with a big kitten-package (food, toys, lots of info, pics...)
            - raised with diverse quality food and of course lots and lots of love and care!
             -if necessary, neutered
            - equipped with the breeder's lifelong support!

For more info about me and my cattery, please read About me and take a look at photos from our home in Pictures.
For more info about the wonderful, healthy, social, sweet and playful breed American Curl please read the breed presentation in The breed.


- If you are interested and want more info, do not hesitate to contact me!
- Jos olet kiinnostunut ja haluat lisää tietoa (suomeksi), ota reippaasti yhteyttä (puhelimitse paras tavoitettavuus klo.17 jälkeen)!
- Om du är intresserad och vill ha mer information (på svenska), tveka inte att ta kontakt (per telefon bäst anträffbar efter kl.17)!


Desirée Österåker
Vanha Vaasa

(you can also find me (and alot of catpics) on Facebook)

I am a member of Suomen Kissaliitto!I am a member of FIFe!

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